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Maximising Space In Small Housing Lots

by: Elsa-Rene Mitchell on

With old Perth housing blocks being divided into 2,3,4 and even more these days, utilising every inch of your precious dirt is essential and just one of our many specialties at Mitchell Custom Homes.

Tips to maximise space on a small lot:

  • Multi Level - Ok ok it's stating the obvious but it had to be said. 
  • Study Nooks - When you just can't decide whether you want a fourth bedroom or a study, there's always room for a study nook.

  • Bi-Fold Doors - Oh how i LOVE these! Totally essential in making the most of your space and opening up your home, they just bring so much light and air. 

  • Use every corner - Honestly you have to think smart and utilise every space, we have a hidden nook in the garage under our stairs for storage.
  • Atrium - Another true love in our home. if you are cramming as much house as you can into your small block, garden area  is often compromised so an atrium is a fab way to add light, space, some greenery and character to your home. 

  • Mezzanine floor in garage - So we were blessed with a very tall garage which we used to create a mezzanine floor to hide all our "stuff". And let me tell you with 4 kids, boy do we need it.
  • Make your front yard functional - If your anything like us with kids riding their bikes or playing basket ball in the drive way you will love love love our front yard.

  • Aneeta windows - these are the best, our house went from tiny to massive because of these babies and they add an instant WOW factor to our home. 

So if you're feeling unsure how you can make a home functional on a small lot, drop us a line


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