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How To Successfully Chalkboard Your Home

by: Elsa-Rene Mitchell on

When i suggested to my husband Mitch that i would like the pantry doors in our kitchen to be a chalkboard, i'm pretty sure i saw eye rolling and there was a definite resistance in his body language as he reluctantly agreed.

But NOW every time someone comes over to our house they walk in and instantly say "WOW! Love the chalkboard". You can guess how Mitch responds, yep, that's right, "oh thanks, that was all my idea". Yeah right, but here check it out, pretty cool huh?

Now the chalkboard gods were smiling down at us when it came time to making the pantry doors because our carpenter had just received for the very first time, never been used before CHALKBOARD LAMINEX! Let me tell you this is the coolest thing ever. 18 months on and our chalkboard, when not covered in chalk, still looks brand new and we use it every day. 

So if your looking to chalkboard your home and want something that wont look old and dusty in a hurry, chalkboard laminex in the answer my friends.

You're welcome. 

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