Choosing The Right Builder For You

Choosing The Right Builder For You

Choosing The Right Builder For You

So it’s finally time to build your “dream” home. For some it may be your first home others you may have been living in an old shack for years on end and finally its time to demolish and start fresh and for some this may just be another addition to the property portfolio.

In any case the Perth property market is inundated with builders and the choice can be over whelming. Where do you start and how do you know who is the right person to trust with probably the biggest purchase of your life?

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So here are some tips to assist you in choosing the right builder for you.

  • 1. Get a min of 3 Quotes: I know when I am quoting; prices vary substantially amongst different trades for doing exactly the same work so 3 quotes is essential. This ensures no mistakes have been made in the quote & I/the client, are not paying too much. Sometimes the lower price may not have all the necessary inclusions & then when it comes time to do the job the supplier or trade may realize the error and not do the job for that price resulting in unexpected costs & stresses that could easily have been avoided with thorough quoting initially.
  • 2. Cheapest is not always the best; A low price can be considered but be wary; you need to make sure you are comparing apples with apples as you do not want to be hit with variations during the project for things you thought were included in the contract but were not. Sometimes builders cut as much as possible out of jobs to get the price down so please please please check inclusions and exclusions in the quote and contract. Then and only then is it an even playing field comparing builder’s quotes.
  • 3. You get what you pay for; Budget homes are exactly that. They serve a purpose in the market and a necessity for many getting into the Perth property market particularly for first homebuyers. However id like to make aware that building materials between builders are roughly the same unless the builder is a high volume builder, so when a quote is lower it can be due to lower quality trades & products.
  • 4. Is the builder suitable for YOUR home? For example I would not recommend getting a new homebuilder specialist to do a renovation. He may be honest and great at building a new home but it’s likely he doesn’t specialize in renovations. It’s very easy to fall into this trap especially when you “know a guy” or have been referred by someone who had a great job done but on a completely different project.Your builder must be suitable for your needs. Do the research, know what “type” of builder you require whether it be a renovator, first home builder, two storey builder or high end luxury home as they all use the trades and suppliers applicable to their specialty which affects price and quality.
  • 5.Size matters; the size of the building company can be relative to your needs. If your looking for attention to detail you may want an exclusive builder that’s more personal to communicate with to achieve your vision and see the job through from start to finish. The size and type of builder will not only depend on the size of your job but the level of service you require to get that job done right.
  • 6.Trusting your builder; this is hard to know right away. I encourage sitting down for multiple meetings and or phone conversations so you can get a good feel for if you’re making the right choice for you.
  • When considering my company; and me I would love to be one of the builders you choose to quote your project. I guarantee it will be honest and fair and if needed I will work with you to look at plans and spec to try achieving a budget. I specialize in custom builds and luxury homes and offer personal service where I am involved throughout the project and on call whenever you need. I limit my projects to enable me to guarantee this service, so I would love you to trust me in building your dream home and invite you to organise a meeting with me, 0466100192.

Simon Mitchell

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