Meet The Mitchells

Meet The Mitchells

Meet The Mitchells

Hi, welcome to the blog of Mitchell Custom Homes. I am Elsa-Rene, soon to be wife of Simon Mitchell whom you will see me fondly refer to as “Mitch”. We are “The Mitchells”.

To sum it up Mitch creates the homes and I talk about them. As well as creating a forum for me to showcase our current projects, ill be blogging about current and upcoming housing trends from soft furnishings and doorknobs to lighting plans and landscaping.

Mitchell Custom Homes is a new independent Perth boutique builder with a wealth of experience in high-end developments. We strive to attain beyond excellence in our projects offering perfection and an eye for detail second to none.

This blog will be our voice to establish our position as a builder you can trust. To share our combined passion, our eye for detail and our creativity. Most importantly this is to show you our personality because building your dream home will be one of the biggest things you ever do and we understand the heart and soul that goes into creating a home.

I invite you to share with me your thoughts and ideas in upcoming posts.

Mrs Mitchell x

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